Lipreading training to challenge classes of 10-200 people

Benefits offered by our program:

  • Comprehensive training program, which exercises lipreading individual phonemes, keywords, overall sentence structure, and full sentences comprehension
  • Ideally suited as a "workbook" complementary for existing lipreading classes, for students to be able to practice at home
  • Offered entirely via the Internet: no books, or DVDs are necessary. You can use it from any devices with an Internet connection, including any computers, all iOS, and most Android devices.
  • Features the largest collection of lipreading training samples, with 5 speakers, and 4000+ professionally recorded training samples
  • Adaptive training course, which keeps track of students’ progress, and selects exercises for their level
  • Used by students in over 150 universities across the United States
  • Review student progress from an easy to use dashboard

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