About Lipreading.org

The problem:

You wake up one day realizing the world has gone silent. You still retain some of your hearing, and can make sense of conversation if people carefully raise their voice; but the whole world feels to you as if it's been muffled.

» This happens for various reasons, including loud music, viral infections, and general aging. And you're not alone: 1 out of 30 Americans (or about 10M) suffer from various degrees of hearing loss, with ~1M functionally deaf.

You see an audiologist, who diagnoses you with irreversible partial hearing loss. The audiologist gives options: you can buy hearing aids, and should take a lipreading class to make the most of residual hearing.

» Prior to lipreading.org, the only way to learn how to lipread was to take a car, drive ~30 minutes to a class, where you could practice once a week for an hour. THIS IS HORRIBLY INEFFICIENT.

The vision:

Lipreading.org offers a unique approach to the hearing impairment problem, by combining personalized computer-aided learning scaffolds with gamification to give the maximum amount of learning in the least amount of time.

We measure our success by customers' ability to keep their jobs, and not fall out from their social, and economical network; by people interacting with our customers' being unable to be able-ist against them in the first place; and by the quality of life improvement we provide for those willing to learn. To put it differently: we wish to take this negative thing that happened to you, and turn it into a positive superpower you possess.

Who we are, in brief:
Lipreading.org is a small, distributed software company. It was founded by Joel Csaba Solymosi in 2012, launched at March, 2013, and has been growing since.

Lipreading.org could not be what it is today without the following awesome people:

Lipreading.org is offered by:

lipreading.org llc,

440 N Barranca Ave, Unit 9369,

Covina, CA 91723

E-mail: hello@lipreading.org

Executive Director: Joel Csaba Solymosi