Frequently Asked Questions about

What accent does your lipspeakers use?

All of our lipspeakers are born, and raised in the US. American accents vary, which is why we have multiple actors to capture all local dialects.


What’s the difference between trial, and enrolled students?

* Everyone can freely try out for 3 consecutive days of training for free of charge. This training is limited to a maximum of about a quarter of all videos, and training material.

* Enrolled students have full access to all videos, and training material

Note, that registration on the site gives you only the option, but not the obligation for ordering.  No payments are due unless and until you explicitly enroll using the checkout form.


What is the cost of a enrollment?

Details and pricing of enrollment can be found at the enrollment page comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with our courses, we don’t deserve your money. 


Do you sell DVDs? Can I access it from multiple computers? What about mobile devices?

We're offering lipreading practices entirely via the Internet: no books, or DVDs are necessary. You can use it from any devices with an Internet connection, including any computers, all iOS, and most Android devices.


I can’t access my account!

Remember that your login ID is your email address (the one you used to register with). You can start a password reset via clicking on the "I forgot my password" link on the login window. This will send an email to your address, which will allow you to instantly log in, and change your password.


I haven’t received my daily lessons! / It says the session is already complete!

* The daily training reminders are for notification purposes only, and have no relations on the day on which you're completing your lesson.

* For this reason, on days when you finish a training session before the daily email, your internal notifications clearly works better than ours, so we don't send any. Keep being awesome!

* You can adjust when you receive your daily notifications on the notification settings page

* If you wish to do additional training on a day, check out our full list of lessons 


The videos on the page don’t load!

Please make sure, that you have javascript enabled in your browser; and possibly disable adblockers for this site only ( does not, and will not have any ads running on the site).

Pressing page refresh (F5, or CTRL+F ) anytime will restart from current lesson with your progress intact.


I have a question that isn’t answered on this page!

Please get in touch using our contact form, or directly via . We’ll try our best to get back to you within 24 hours.