Breathing consonant

The H sound

How the H sound looks and how it is made:
The tongue is low and relaxed, the jaw (lower mandible), is slightly dropped, and the lips are open but relaxed. The sound comes from the open, unobstructed oral cavity, and the vibration or the vocal cords. The feeling for this sound is that of the open posture of the mouth, and the sense of the origination of the sound coming from the vibrating vocal cords.

hay hand (1) hand (2) hound hind Heart (1) heart (2) heart (3) Hi! (1) hi (2) he Have (1) have (2) have (3) have (4) have (5)

Words that show the shapes of H:

Had (1) had (2) had (3) Has (1) has (2) has (3) has (4) half (1) half (2) half (3) who (1) who (2) who (3) hey hell hold how (1) how (2) how (3) how (4)



Combined sounds:
here Hid Heed Hi! (1) hi (2) Had (1) had (2) had (3) Hard (1) hard (2) Hoard Hide (1) hide (2) Haired

Phrases that show the shapes of H:

He has a garden in his backyard.
How long have you lived here?
How long have you worked here?
How long have you been in pain?

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