Lipreading names and places

Lipreading Names and Places - Just how easy is it to guess a name?
Knowing that you are looking for a name or a place on the speaker's lips is a clue in its own right i.e. you're not looking for numbers or words like there, coming, bonus etc..

This is a multiple choice game and, in each part, you will be presented with a list of words. You are to watch the speaker in the 'one word' film clip and select your choice of word from that accompanying list. You get more than one chance, so keep trying until you choose correctly. The game will then automatically move on to the next multiple choice sample.

On later attempts, try to guess the name without looking at the list and decide what made you choose that one e.g. the number of syllables in the name, how the speaker's lips pouted, or maybe it was the ending of the word (e.g. Tom and Tommy will have very different endings on the lips).