Lipreading words

Lipreading Words - How do these words begin and end?

In this game, there are no listed words to help you, so now you must use everything available to you to guess the word. Some consonants can be difficult to distinguish (e.g. b, m and p look very similar and some consonants cannot be seen on the lips (e.g. c, g and h). For b, m and p, a speaker's mouth pouts in different yet subtle ways and the shaping of these three letters on the lips is therefore different. As in real life, what might appear to be the end of the word may indeed be no more that the speaker closing their mouth.

In the very short film clip, take the speaker's eyes, eyebrows and throat into consideration, all of which complement the lip pattern and therefore help you make an educated guess. Type your choice of word into the box and then press 'enter' on your keyboard. If your guess is incorrect, take another look at the same film clip before moving on to the next one, so that you can see how the correct word looks on the speaker's lips.

If you're ready, you can now press 'play'.