Lipreading vowels

What do vowels look like on the lips?
Vowels (a, e, i, o and u) make very distinct 'open mouth' shapes. When they stand alone (i.e. without an adjoining vowel), each can make at least two sounds e.g. tap and tape, pin and pine. When two vowels come together (e.g. au, ee, oa, oi, ou etc.), they make other distinct sounds (e.g. fraud and laughter). On your first attempt at this game, take a moment to think of all these different shapes.

This is a multiple choice game and, in each part, you will be presented with a list of words. You are to watch the speaker in the 'one word' film clip and select your choice of word from that accompanying list. If your first guess is incorrect, keep trying until you choose correctly. The game will then automatically move on to the next multiple choice sample.
Remember that practice makes perfect so, when you feel more confident, why not ignore the list and see how well you do without that added support? You may be surprised by how much you have improved!

If you're ready, you can now press 'play'.