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"First of all, thank you -- to the organization as a whole, and to the people onscreen. After two weeks or so, I know it'll take me six to nine months to get this right (as expected). But I can see the steady improvement, and it's incredibly exciting. 

Apart from generally knowing that my hereditary pattern of hearing loss will likely mean steadily less capacity as I age, I have three specific reasons to learn lipreading now: to hear my family better, to be able to function more effectively at receptions and networking sessions related to my work, and to better pick up cues as a member of an improv team. (Partly deaf improv is a whole other experience!) On all three goals, I'm not there yet, but progressing. " -Mitchell Beer


"I've been practising lipreading on your site for about nine months now but wasn't sure how well i was progressing. so last week i decided to watch the tv news and weather reports with the sound turned down to see how much i could follow. i was astonished (and delighted!) to find that i could understand a lot of what was being said. with one weatherman in particular i found that i could follow virtually every word he said. well done and thanks so much for this unique and excellent website. it really works!" -Des Watts 


"This was a wonderful program.  I am a teacher of children with hearing loss.  Your lipreading program was used regularly with the students I see 1:1, 2-3 days per week at the middle school level.  Your program provided practice for the month of October when our focus was improved lipreading skills.  I will purchase this program again in the future. " -Sandra Swaciak


"Hi, and thank you! I love this site, and I'm grateful for it. (Older person using hearing aids.) I just thought I'd tell you that it seems to help me to mouth words along with the "actors." First I try to figure it just by watching. I repeat it that until I think I have it, mouthing along with it. Then I check my answer. I end by mouthing along with it again once or twice. I'm guessing that by physically mimicking the mouth movements, I'm making it easier for myself to recognize them when I see them again. I look forward to this every day and will be re-upping for the whole subscription when my month is over. " -Nan Pickard


"At 58, with a moderate to severe neurosensory hearing loss, I was forced to seek ways to strengthen my speech reading abilities so that I didn't continue to feel so isolated from others. There were no speech reading/lip reading programs in my area but I am fortunate to find this program online. is fun, starts with the basics, and they are constantly upgrading and adding new features to keep me on my toes! I feel like I have really improved my speech reading, and I am continuing to improve as I use the program. It has helped me so that I can better distinguish what people are saying to me in environments with a lot of background noise or when I'm really not hearing them. Awesome program!" -Mia Swan



"Wow, this was challenging for me, but I’m new to lipreading and need to be challenged!  I struggled most with how fast she spoke, but since that is real life, I need the practice.   The various games were nice to switch it up and I like that you can review at the end.   Keep up the good work.  I’ll keep practicing! " -Dixie Hitchler


"Just signed up today. Turns out that I read lips better than I thought. I've been suffering hearing loss for quite some time. Left ear is 50%, right ear is < 5% (pretty much 0 except through conduction). Your exercises are kind of fun!" -Frank James Crow

"I am trying to learn sign and read lips to open a social settings in my life. Thanks for teaching me how to achieve my goals. Love this program and it is fun." -Kimberly Hinson 

 "I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. The site is terrific. I like the way the lessons progress and appreciate that there are often three people to try to read. Very different! And good preparation.  I'm 49 years old and have Neurofibrosis Type 2. I'm trying to get ready to lose my hearing, and your site is really helpful. Thanks!" -Mark Meehan


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